Date 15 – lovely, but could have eaten him alive

So today’s date I was meant to go on a week last Monday, but after being a wreck the day after my course I ended up postponing it. He seemed really keen and had asked me after not much chat and I thought why not?

He was ok attractive wise and seemed quite confident. We met at a bar, I was driving, but had a g&t to kick things off, then felt really bad as he refused to let me pay and was only on the coke. (Coca-cola obviously not snorting in the toilets!)

He described himself as quiet until he opened up. He was reasonably chatty. He did the whole -‘you said on your profile that you like/do…’ cringe! He was obviously nervous and had quite a stutter going on. 

I was trying hard to ‘love’ (in reference to my book) and there were lots of things I did like about him, he was generous, open, kind and straight forward, just wasn’t going to make it as potential husband material. 

I guess the crunch came when he said he wanted to go to Australia but couldn’t go on his own. Then when I asked why he said he’d get bored on the flight (head in hands moment). I’m not up for holding people’s hand to do stuff they just need to grow some balls. 

The conversation was drying up a bit, so after our second drink I said I was going to make a move. Then a first happened- he asked me if I wanted to see him again. I say a first, but maybe it’s just a combination of him asking, me not wanting to and me being sober! I guess I’m used to the online etiquette now of you leave and then if there’s nothing there you just don’t contact each other again (sad way of doing things, I know). He’d only been online a month and even sent me a lovely message once I’d got home, a real sweetheart, just not enough va va boom for me!


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