Being Averse to Planning

I was thinking today (Sunday) about what the difference was when I was so much happier earlier this year. One of the things that came up was that I’d started to plan my life. 

This is something that’s alien to me. I’ve always been allergic to planning. Whether it be planning for a weekly food shop or what I’m going to be doing, planning for me has always equated to being boring, but maybe, really it’s quite the opposite. I think there’s something about me not bothering to invest in my future and that when it’s just me I can be really flexible but maybe this is holding me back from living to my full potential. 

Planning gives you something to look forward to, to balance the ups and downs and then balance your energy. What if I had commuted to not staying out on Friday night. Maybe I would have done my Parkrun, got my glasses fixed and allowed me to be ready to do a long walk on Sunday which would, in itself have reenergised me. 

So maybe, over the next few weeks this is something I need to do, I’ll try and see how it goes.  


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