Appreciating a moment of calm

Wednesday morning I woke up, got ready for work and had a much less tearful morning. I put my things in the car to drive to work and then started the engine- or not! A very unlikable noise came out. Possibly battery related I thought. I turned the radio off, checked I hadn’t left the lights on and tried again, no joy. I called the AA, emailed work to say I’d be working from home and went inside to wait for the AA who would be there in an hour. 

So, what to do now? For a minute I felt no pressure to do anything and a weight lifted off my shoulders, that feeling of enjoyment came back that I’ve missed over the last few months. It was brief (I then felt guilty for not getting on with work and got my laptop out), but reminded me that I need to make the changes. 

After getting a new battery (probably at a complete rip off price, but we won’t dwell on that), my car was working again. A bonus being that since then the engine light that I was having problems with has gone off too- happy days. I emailed to say that I’d be working from home that morning and then set off about 11:30 to grab some lunch and go to work. 

I had an ok day, but realised that the temp I had spent an hour writing instructions for had decided to do things her own way-grrr-what a waste of my time. On coming home I then spent the whole evening trying to sort the work out and didn’t go to bed until nearly midnight. Changing the work life balance is going to take time!


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