Date 13 – The date that never should have been…

I’m posting this quite retrospectively…back in April. To give you the context I met this guy through going for a drink after the random ceilidh I just turned up to back in March a month earlier. He was flirtatious and asked me out for a drink and invited me to go on the walking weekend with a bunch of randoms. We got on well although he is one of those guys with a very single lifestyle. So after a weekend where we ‘got on’ and were talking into the early hours I asked him out for a drink.

Unsure whether he was genuinely interested I half expected him to say no, so when he said yes I got quite excited and thought maybe this is something that might go somewhere. I over prepared, bought a new outfit, booked into the hairdressers and made quite a bit of effort. 

On the way into town I was a bit early so walked the long way round and actually saw him talking to a friend and his daughter in the street. Luckily he didn’t see me so I then made my way to the bar we’d arranged to meet in. Standing at the bar with all the anticipation my legs were physically shaking- I’m glad he didn’t arrive until I’d sat down. When he did arrive we had a good bit of chat and then he basically told me after a couple of drinks that hedidn’t  actually fancy me- CONFUSED.COM!

I asked him why he’d said yes if he didn’t fancy me and he just said that he enjoyed my company as a friend- what planet is he on?!?! Anyway, I did my usual glass of wine to every pint trick, stupidly getting a lemonade on his round- why was I still being nice to him!  After sharing a pizza (we’d met up quite early on) we ended up taking a taxi back to where I live (at least he paid for that) having a few more drinks and then going back to mine. 

He apparently had no recollection of anything before he fell asleep, and all I can say is it was definitely nothing worth repeating!

So what’s the lesson learnt? Hmm, maybe to make sure a guy is saying what you think he’s saying, maybe just to love myself a bit more, and maybe not have much more to do with him!


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