Pole dancing

So at the beginning of May I signed up to a month of pole dancing. Upper body strength is something I’ve never had and I really enjoyed how I improved each day I went. I guess the only downside is that I was signed up for a month as that was more economical so it cut out other things in my life. The upside was that it got me into a routine of doing something physical every day while I couldn’t run due to shin splints. 

It was going so well up to the point I attempted to to a head stand in a lap dancing class (and no, for any of those perves out there my skills haven’t been put into action!). I didn’t even get my feet off the floor before I’d damaged my neck. So off to the chiropractor I went to get it sorted and didn’t bother signing up for the following month, I guess partly due to work getting busier. 


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