Me and my big mouth

I’d been on a lovely walk from Ilkley along to Addingham and then up some hill for our lunch break ending the walk with a climb up to Ilkley Moor. I was struggling a bit fitness wise on the hills but enjoyed the day. We ended with a few pints in bar t’at. There was a ridiculous debate over whether to have food with 2 guys obviously not wanting to pay the prices but not giving an alternative. Eventually the other 3 of us left persuaded them to stay and we grabbed some food and then got the train back. 

On the train, to be honest I was a bit half cut having had 3 pints after a 12 mile walk and trying to keep up with the boys on the pints. We managed to get onto house prices and me saying how much my house was worth (cringe) which indecisive boy was offended by, then managed to get onto how my last date was on the dating website I was on. Handing my phone around was not a good idea as then he was ‘winked’ at by indecisive boy, to which I then blurred out, don’t do that, you don’t know the history. On top of that I then later sent an apologetic, it was me text to which he then replied he’d kind of moved on! The cheek, the reason for the message was that I had too! Grr!!

Lesson learnt? Need to stop trying to keep up with people when drinking, doesn’t do me any favours. 


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