An awkward night out

I’d organised an event through an online social group I’m part of to go to a comedy club. The way the site works is that if you organise events you don’t have to pay, however if forgotten how much that kind of thing stresses me out. Organising the Comedy was ok, I managed to get ok seats, get everyone there and not heckle the comedian too much, it kind of went down hill when we went for drinks afterwards. There’s a lovely guy who’s part of the group, but he’s been hanging out with an idiot (yes there’s history there!). He was really negative about the random events I’ve been advertising which isn’t the way he would have been a few months ago as he’s usually a really kind generous guy. After we’d been for a drink with the only other girl out with us she went off to meet up with someone for a date and another guy she’s close to, in a friend’s way, went home. 

We met up with some other girls who are on the site but it became more of a then and the two boys night and me and another guy I get on with being excluded. I started pretending to pole dance, my alarm bell that I’m drunk and bored and not really enjoying myself but don’t want to go home. I told the guy I get on with that I was going to the ladies. When I came back everyone was gone. I then found the guy and he said he’d been to the men’s and came back and couldn’t find them. I rang the idiot guy to see where they were, his was the only number I had and they said they’d moved on to a different pub. No apology, nothing. 

I couldn’t believe how rude they’d been, surely it’s just common courtesy to let people know. Anyway that was the end of our night, we didn’t go and join them- why would we want to and the night had kind of lost the mood. 

So as a result I cancelled pretty much all of my events on the site, it really threw me and I guess lost my faith a bit in socialising with randoms. 


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