Far too tired to go to the beer festival…or maybe not

I’d originally organised a social night to the local beer festival, but after ending up with only one taker (it was a Thursday night), I cancelled. 

My friend was helping Mr Recently Separated move into his new place and there was a possibility of them going to the beer festival afterwards, but it didn’t really sound like it was going to happen. 

So after my ridiculously unproductive day I crashed it bed and watched a bit of tv. I got a text about 7:30 saying they were at the beer festival- complete with picture for temptation (although if the guys in the picture were meant to be enticing, they definitely failed!). 

Mr Newly Separated even offered to buy my beer tokens- very out of character for him! It was an enjoyable night with a range of good beers although far to much divorce/broken relationship talk! Poor Mr Newly Separated was getting a bit badgered- mainly about starting to date other woman already!


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