Match Cocktail night

I decided it would be a good idea to book on the cocktail night. I originally though I’d missed out (partly due to the whole account hacking thing), but ending up getting a place. 

I arrived fashionably late after getting a taxi into town, got my glass of prosecco, was told there were 8 of each gender, but still 4 guys to turn up. 

I then looked across to see the talent that awaited…I couldn’t have been more disappointed! Firstly there was the 50+yr 5ft nothing, quite rotund guy. Secondly, a 50+ hippy guy, thirdly a guy who’d taken one look, decided he didn’t fancy anyone and so decided to be completely anti social (didn’t help that he looked like David Brent!). The fourth one I can’t even remember!

We eventually sat down to make cocktails- boys on one side, girls on the other and then were asked to mix up a bit!

The cocktail maker was a 27year old Irish guy with a lot more personality than the other guys around the table. We started passing ingredients around and bless the girl next to me, she manage to knock the glass which then smashed my glass of prosecco. She was extremely apologetic, but a lovely girl and there wasn’t much prosecco so it didn’t really matter. 

I was sat next to David Brent. He was interested in the wine club he was a member of and could actually hold a conversation, but I think just lacked the enthusiasm. Not just that he admitted to not actually liking cocktails!

An hour in and a South African guy turned up. Although not the hottest guy in the world, in comparison to the talent that was on offer, it was like James Bond had just walked in the room! Apparently he had got the time wrong and thought it started at 8pm. 

After the cocktails music geek, Miss Clumsy (a kiwi) and her friend (an Irish girl) were chatting to Mr SA. Ended up getting the girls numbers for a girls night out and Mr SA inviting to show the 3 of us the site of York (where he’s living). Walked to the station with Mr SA, there was no Chemistry there. I’d had my lot of cocktails and definitely felt it the next day, having an extremely unproductive day. 

Overall a very disappointing night in terms of dating, but a great night in terms of meeting some great people. 


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