A weekend away with some randoms…the first night…

I randomly agreed to go on the weekend to Malham – I figured it would be more productive than a St Paddy’s night out followed by a hangover and a very unproductive Saturday. 

I didn’t arrive until 8pm after coming home, having a night (following being hungover from the cocktail night, and then going to the beer festival instead of getting an early night). 

I arrived, eventually found the building we were in. Met the other guy who was organising thing and found out which 2 girls I was sharing with. I’d briefly seen them before, although didn’t really know them or their names! There were about a dozen in the kitchen cooking dinner with a glass of wine so I joined them and had a few drinks ther before the couple of girls I did know asked if I was joining them in the pub. I’m not one to turn down an offer to the pub, so off we went. 

I was with the last group at the pub after last orders and then we returned for a few in the kitchen with a good conversation going. I was having a good bit of banter with the guy I’d met the previous week, Mr Ceilidh and his friend Mr Tall was getting involved in the conversation. 

As we were sat down on the benches in the kitchen, Mr Tall started stroking my leg. It took me a few seconds to realise what he was actually doing until I said “you can stop stroking my leg now!”  A lovely guy, but he’d obviously had a few. 

We talked until about 2, Mr Tall being the last one to leave before Mr Ceilidh and I. We ended up being up for another hour and getting on very well with a cheeky snog included. Lol. He was talking about not making eye contact the following day, so made it clear he wanted to keep things private!

At 3am (ish) we went off to bed. According to the girls they’d left the light on until 2am and then given up!


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