We’ve met before haven’t we…

It’s been a few quiet weeks on the dating sites, mainly having to recover accounts from being hacked- one turned into French, the other a sweet and innocent American (photos changed as well) looking for a 50+yr old in Florida!

So having scoured the internet for something interesting to do I came across a Ceilidh event being held by a local Walking group I attended once, a very long time ago, but was open to non-members. 

I turned up just as the dancing was starting, got a glass of wine (for the bargain price of £3 😊)  and then hung around at the back with the non- dancers. A guy nearby then came up to me and said “We’ve met before haven’t we?”  I then tried to blag it saying yes, to which he follows up with “Yes, we went on a date about a year ago.” And follows it up with remembering what I did for a job at the time!

Epic fail!

In my defence, he was the second date of the day (the first and last time I’ve done that) and I’d had a few glasses of wine on the earlier lunch date. In addition to that, I’m pretty sure he was a very dull accountant who I had very little in common with and no attraction at all. Seems I also had good judgement as he had a definite aroma at the Ceilidh (surely that’s something you check before doing an intimate activity?)

Anyway, I did awkwardly dance with him, just the once though- that was definitely enough!

On the bright side there was a girl I’d met from the online social group in part of who is lovely. I danced every dance at the Ceilidh apart from the first one I’d missed. It was a bit disappointing that about 20-30 people who’d turned up didn’t really dance at all apart from the last one. 

We were kicked out of the hall at 10:30pm so decided to go to a pub across the road- one I was last in for a hen do with an army theme and I decided to wear just a string vest over my bra- oh to be young again!

I met some really lovely people and got invited on a walking weekend in Malham with them. I was meant to be going out for St Patrick’s day with the online social group with a woman who’s a really good laugh but knows how to drink and stay up into the early hours! I don’t like cancelling on events, but thought walking and socialising would be a more productive way of spending my time rather than getting very drunk and then spend the weekend recovering. 

We needed up staying until closing and then had a bit of a nightmare getting a taxi. On the upside I got asked out for a drink by the guy who’s organising the weekend. I lovely guy with a good bit of banter, but doesn’t quite meet the min spec height! It was nice to do dating the old fashioned way rather than scrolling through profiles online. 


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