My therapy and getting some head space

So for the last couple of years I’ve helped with a charity who work with families to improve their communication skills and relationships with the help of horses. 

This week was the first training session of the year. I was the only ‘oldie’ there, but it was great to meet some new volunteers including 3 teenagers. I love going to the farm where it’s held, you always feel so welcome and supported and able to relax, so really I signed up for selfish reasons, to get my own headspace and become a bit mentally stronger. As an ‘oldie’ we only need to attend one session, but I’m looking forward to going for the next 3 weeks- even though it means I’ll be cutting down on my running nights. 

This week’s focus was about noticing the environment when you enter it and how you effect it. Everyone is happy in their own little world it’s when other people enter it that it then changes either for the better or worse. Hopefully by thinking about it we can always make it for the better 😊


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