Date 12- Country Bumpkin

On Tuesday night I met my date in a famous Yorkshire tea shop. He’d previously asked me what the earliest time I could make it would be. I’d said 6:30pm. Although he’d said he’d struggle to make that he never mentioned another time, so I presumed we were meeting at 6:30. 

As I was driving there (a 40 min drive as we were meeting halfway between us) I got a text to ask if I was on schedule for 7:30. So I ended up spending 45 mins in the car (I was originally running late). I ended up getting to my friend who was in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately things had escalated but he’d been brave enough to decide to leave that day and seemed to be quite strong about it. 

So eventually it was time for my date. He text to ask me how far away I wa as he was waiting outside. We went in and he knew exactly where he wanted to sit- by the window (later mentioning there’s always something to watch if you’re bored!). He’d mentioned about having fish and chips previously so that is what we both had (me after much deliberation). He was quite a chatterbox, but definitely a country bumpkin. The Yorkshire Show is now far too Toney/commercial for him and although his folks live in a separate bungalow, his mum does cook for him every night and do his cooking for him. 

We both had a sundae for dessert. I suggested we split the bill and he definitely wasn’t complaining and I think hadn’t expected to pay for it. 

Afterwards he suggested we went for a walk. While I wasn’t overly keen in my 4 inch heels, I agreed. We did a few loops of the streets. Managing to avoid a guy who was being told by a young women “I can ring a psychiatrist if you want” to which he wasn’t overly pleased about!

There were a few pecks on the lips, he’s a really lovely guy, although definitely has rough workers hands and a very practical attitude. I said I’d like to see him again, but I’m not sure whether I could really be a farmer’s wife!


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