Things I’ve learnt over the last 2 weeks

  • I crave having that spark with someone
  • I’m longing for mutual attraction to happen
  • I completely fall for a guy who’s prepared to go all out on me with big gestures
  • It’s nice to get your hair done, go to the beauticians and get new clothes and underwear even if what you’re investing in wasn’t worth it, or doesn’t stick around long enough to see the result and your bank account doesn’t really appreciate it!
  • I can do sober dates
  • Large gin glasses are not a good idea
  • I love being close to someone I connect with
  • I think far too much into the future as soon as I like someone
  • I text quite frequently if I’m keen on someone
  • I text at the rate a guy first texts at, even if this slows down
  • I can’t resist but have the final text
  • I hate the first few weeks of dating where you don’t know where you stand- with a passion
  • I really want to find someone who I can cuddle up to at night and have as my other half
  • I need to find some way of not acting on how passionately I feel for a guy- somehow!
  • Guys will take what they can get and then not give a sh*t
  • Most of this, if not all, I knew already!

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