The West End date that didn’t happen

So after some stalking having found out his surname I found out that he was due to speak at a conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday morning, although he hadn’t mentioned that. He casually mentioned it on the Friday, but said he would find out what time he had to be there and would possibly get a flight on the Tuesday morning.
On leaving on Saturday afternoon he said he’d let me know by the end of the day what was happening. He didn’t.
He eventually let me know on Wednesday morning, by which time I’d had to pack a just in case outfit, although I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen.
He also didn’t message me at all until from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, but then made up for it saying he’d had to prepare his speech all day and came across keen again.
On the Monday evening I accidentally called him after coming back from the theatre, we chatted for a while and got on well, although he ended the call by saying can I call you back in a few minutes and never did. Alarm bells, or just being paranoid, well it was late and I was ready to go to sleep, but why not just say that he wanted to get off, I wouldn’t have minded.

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