Having my online account hacked

I’ve been really stupid and for ages used a not particularly secure password for the things I’m not particularly concerned about. However, I didn’t expect my account to be hacked.
In the early hours of Saturday morning my password was changed and then my profile of my online dating account (that I’m a fully paid member to) was changed into French. However, it is an absolute nightmare to get any response to this company as it appears their helpdesk only works weekdays during office hours. After numerous phone calls and a promise they’d deleted it – they hadn’t. And numerous messages from a fellow dater to confirm whether he could still see it, it eventually disappeared.
It has meant however that 4 years of blocking accounts has now been wasted. After not being bothered about having account (because I’d obviously met my Mr Forever, but realistically more like Mr Charmer!) I have now created a new account and am subscribed up until the end of July!
So it’s back looking through the same old pics, hoping there’s someone I’ve not yet discovered! I’ve noted that Mr Charmer has been logging on recently though – moving onto his next target!


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