Date no.9 (7b) – All out to impress

My date was meant to have stayed in London on Tuesday night, but had come back and then gone down on Wednesday morning again, so it had been a long day for him. His dad had gone into a coma on the Sunday, but had come out of it on the Tuesday which was really good news. I asked if my date still wanted to go ahead, but he seemed really keen to.
We met at the train station and he was really lovely when we met up, no awkwardness. We walked up to the restaurant, me doing my weird thing of going over on the side of my shoes, so classy!
On entering the restaurant I learnt of his 2nd name – great, I can now do loads more stalking! We sat down and I had a G&T, him a glass of wine. He asked me what I was doing the following week. I told him about my plans to go to see Wicked after catching up with family. He then suggested we get a hotel (separate rooms) and make a night of it. He’ll be down in London for Tuesday, he could come down on the Monday night and we could make a date of it. Obviously, I was ridiculously flattered, who doesn’t love the sound of being spoilt. I offered to get the theatre tickets, but he said he’d get them sorted through work – could be an expensive night, awkward. Oh well, if he wants to spend loads on me, let him go ahead.
I was ridiculously nervous, only happens when I’m actually interested in someone. We sat down at the table. I ended just ordering pretty much the cheapest steak, felt guilty otherwise. I was too nervous to have great conversation, but we chatted away. The food was lovely and very filling so we didn’t have desert.
We ended up going for a drink in a bar afterwards, flirted lots and had a bit of a kiss. Had quite a lot of deep conversation, probably told him things about what I want from a relationship that I wouldn’t tell most people. He seemed to want the same and to take it slowly on a physical level.
We got a taxi home, dropped me off before he went to his. It was a lovely night, really looking forward to seeing him again and he messaged me as he was in the taxi. This is what dating should be like all the time!

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