Date No. 9 (7b)- 4 dates in a weekend, surely not

I was on my way back to Leeds after a little shopping spree and noticed my friends were on their way back to Leeds by train and possibly needed picking up. When messaging them I found out that they weren’t back until later that evening but that, in this miserable weather they would appreciate a lift back.
Then there was an offer of Chinese at theirs afterwards. I never say no to food! I was messaging date 7 and mentioned that this was happening to which he replied that sounded good. So after messaging my friend to check I invited him over, expecting him to politely decline – and he said yes! So after bricking it, I dressed up slightly more than I would for a takeaway at my friends, he’d arranged for a taxi to hers and I’d given him her address, taken his order so we could sort things and set off for Leeds train station.
As I was driving in I got a message from him. His dad, who’d had a blood transfusion on Friday had collapsed and been taken into hospital so he’d got with him. I must admit part of me was glad that I wasn’t going to be under the microscope that night – and have to avoid talking about everything I’d been doing that weekend i.e. dates with other guys!


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