Date no. 8 – Mr Park Run, York

This date arranged to meet at a country house. The idea was we’d go for a walk. He was into Park Runs and knew I did them so his original suggestion was that we’d do a Park Run date – not my idea of fun!
The problem with this date that on leaving the house it was snowing, a mixture of rain and snow. So trying to be practical but still pretty I wore my normal coat, hat, scarf and gloves and walking boots (not exactly sexy). On getting there it turned out we weren’t going for a walking, but stopping in the tea shop. I was slightly disappointed as I thought it was some test for how willing I was to be in the outdoors!
We had a cup of tea (me being weird had a fruit tea of course). He was very quietly spoken, kind, but a lack of va va voom! He was a musician and I think quite a creative person. He ran a choir, mentored a teenager for a charity and did music with some nuns with dementia. All round he was a good egg, but not someone who’s my future partner and I think he was looking for more of a skinny Minnie running partner – which I’m never going to be!
I offered to get another pot of tea, to which he declined (rude!), we parted ways after about only an hour and I then went on a jaunt to the garden centre for logs so I could have a toasty fire when I got home.
Date number 7 was very attentive texting me before and after me ‘meeting a friend’ and seemed to have potential. He already booked for us to go to Gaucho’s in Leeds on Wednesday night. He’d already said that was where he’d taken his sister for her birthday, so I felt quite privileged and he was obviously out to impress.


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