Date no. 7 -Advertising your salary bracket!

I didn’t plan to have 3 dates in one weekend, but it just seem to happen that way. I was chatting to this guy on Friday, we’d not been chatting particularly long and he asked if it was ok to phone me on Saturday night. My response was why don’t we just meet up for a drink so we arranged to meet up in a pub near him, out of town.
He was an ok looking guy, but I must admit that the fact he’d put his salary bracket on his profile (over £150k) did make me look twice at him! My theory is he must be more intelligent than he looks as, to be honest, he didn’t look overly interesting.
So the date went really well, I found out that he knew of my brother as they work in the same industry, a little scary!
Halfway through the date and he’d already asked me on the second date; he was talking about his local restaurant and suggested our 2nd date should be there (but it later got upgraded). He’d moved back up north after living in London for the last few years to be close to his dad who’s got cancer. He seemed a really genuine guy, quite intelligent (degree in Physics and Astrophysics :-o) and we seemed to have some things in common.
He offered to walk me to my car at the end of the night and although I was going for a kiss on the cheek ended up kissing me good night.
He’d only been on match a week and his most recent relationship was about 3 years ago, but he’d been with her for 10 years. Previous to that he’d had a 7 year relationship so he seemed to be someone who was quite loyal and I had high hopes for!

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