Date 11 (7d) – another chilled night

I was meant to be away for the week, but unfortunately got a call on Tuesday lunchtime meaning that I had to go back to work. So I cancelled my lunch date/2 year reunion with Reading date and my accommodation for my couple of nights in Bath and headed back up north.
I messaged my date to say I was back to work and he asked me when I could see him again. I suggested Thursday, it meant I would have to cancel going running, but hey, I was keen to meet up with him, he said yes please (cute!).
He asked if we should go round to his or mine and I suggested his as I had to be at mine at 7:30am and it would probably be easier for him that way.
We had a catch up and got on really well, but then went out for Fish & Chips and a drink at the pub and it was a bit short on conversation. I was great, I’d had an adrenaline filled 48hrs and was running low on energy. I think he was looking for excuses as to why we didn’t get on an he found them.
We went for a drink in the pub where there was a pub quiz on so one half of his sentence was talking to me and then the other half answering the pub quiz question – wtf? All your attention should be on me! Like mine is on you! I think he thought I was a bit of a princess, I’m not, I do enjoy the nice things in life, but I’d happily cope without if needs be.
After the pub we scrolled through Netflix and found nothing of interest and so just fell asleep. There was something missing, maybe it can be pulled back though.


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