Date 10 (7c) -A night in

For our third date, on a Friday night, he’d invited me to stay at his, separate bedrooms, said he’d made up the spare bed and I could sleep in his room. I’d told him about how I’d been really tired as I’d been waking up at 3am a lot lately (yes, the result of fantasising about the perfect relationship!)He said I’d better not wake him up at that time. On saying he’d be in the spare room his response was that I might be watching TV and wake him up, hmmm!
His apartment he’s renting is right next to the pub where we first met. When I arrived, he was still doing some work. He poured me a giant gin and tonic and then showed me around his flat. We still had really good chemistry and I was still really attracted to him.
We then didn’t get out of his flat until about half ten when we went for a curry (make of that what you will!). Before we got to our table we sat down, I then left my bag behind when we went to the table (the result of the giant gin and tonic). We had an amazing curry with a bottle of red wine between us. Following that we went back to his apartment to have another giant gin and tonic, which even after all that I’d drunk I said was much stronger than the previous one.
We chilled and watched music videos on Youtube until the early hours and I pretty much passed out.
The following morning it turns out we’d drunk 3/4 litre of gin between us (he only had one) and were both extremely hungover. I didn’t leave until about 4:30pm. I was meant to drive down south that night. On saying that I think I’d drive down the following day, he said he was going to his sister’s that night. I left shortly after, I was ready for home and feeling rough in my own bed!


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