Back, battered, and moving on

So having just back tracked on my previous few dates here’s the latest…

I stopped posting because I had one of those too good to be true dates, and not wanting to make a complete t*t of myself held off blogging until I saw where it was going…true to form it’s not worked out, but onwards and upwards, although currently feeling a lot more vulnerable than I’d like.

So following Thursday night’s date I sent a ‘morning’ text and got a reply back and then one, saying haven’t we already said that. I sent another saying how my morning had been, no reply and then a catchup message in the evening. He eventually sent one saying he’d only just finished work at 8:30pm. I then sent a couple more messages and rang him (the result of a bottle of wine) to which I got no reply and it went to answerphone.

Obviously the next step is to not contact him, which I managed to do until Sunday morning. But during Sunday I noticed he was on Whatsapp pretty much every hour… and still not replied to my messages.
Whatsapp – the equivalent of modern day torture. He’s never on Whatsapp that often. Thinking he must’ve had a date last night and is now texting her with the frequency he text me! I sent a message saying hey (he usually does that) and got no response.

Yep, awkward feeling I’ve been an absolute idiot! Thinking of taking my friend up on her offer to put dog sh*t through his post box (she offered after he didn’t contact me for 24hrs before).

So my amazing friend offers urgent intervention and takes me out to the cinema to stop me making an idiot out of myself. Prior to going into the film I send a message saying I notice you’re on whatsapp frequently today – yep stalkerville, I know! I could have messaged a whole lot worse, believe me I am hideous when scorned, he got off lightly!

So I deleted whatsapp – slightly gutted I’ve deleted all my message history, although probably much healthier. I had some retail therapy – bought a new tv (ironically was only buying it so I had a reasonable tv when he came round to mine, but hey ho) and went to watch Lion. A lovely film, but don’t think the intention was that I’d burst into tears whenever there was a girlfriend/boyfriend shot or one of a couple with their kids (there’s quite a few!). And had my lovely friends help me sort my new tv out whilst putting the occasional smile on my face (even though a very small one!)

So here goes, back on the wagon, definitely more fragile before, but got a busy weekend planned so hopefully that will distract me!


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