Single, but happy

Yesterday I had quite a sobering moment. After chatting to what I thought was a friend on Facebook it turns out I wasn’t chatting to him at all. He’d asked me not to contact him again as he was now happily married and I’d sent him a reply the following day to say I was shocked by how rude he’d been. Well that’s when things started to unravel. After a few text messages he asked me to call him which I did during my lunch break. 

During the conversation he explained how he’d married a woman he’d known from school after her fiancée had suddenly passed away. On top of that he’d become guardian to her sister’s two young children as their mother was a drug addict. Shortly after he’d met her she became obsessive about him not telling the truth. It has now got to the point where she checks his phone every night, opens his mail, has taken his bank card off him and even hit him the other day. He told me he’d left her about a week ago but had then gone back again. The worst thing is to hear such a bubbly personality sound so sad and so broken. The positive is he knows what he needs to do and is reaching out for people for help and just needs that final bit of courage to do it. 

It’s scary that someone who I thought would never get into that situation become so vulnerable and down trodden and makes me so grateful for what I have. 


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