Date number 4 of 2017

Well after being off sick for the majority of a week in January my energy levels dropped a bit and dating took a bit of a back seat for a couple of weeks. Obviously there’s always enough energy to swipe through a few profiles though! 

So what I have learnt from online dating in the last couple of weeks…some guys think it’s ok to say in their first contact that they are looking for a dominatrix and ask if I’m willing to be a sub and others think it’s an invitation when sent a whatsapp message saying hi to reply with a naked picture in their bathroom (complete with rubber duck)! Think I’m looking for someone with better conversation than ‘Hi sexy’- sent twice, just in case I didn’t fully comprehend it the first time!

So this afternoon I went on my 4th date of the year (with a definite single Valentine’s Day looming). This was another Harrrogate guy- they seem to be of a higher calibre. A 42 year old who is a financial adviser, ok pics, we’d winked at each other a few times then he sent a message saying shall we chat. Not the most romantic but I guess it got thing moving. Only a few messages were exchanged, my last being are you up to much this weekend to which he replied no and did we want to meet up. I said yes, how about tomorrow afternoon and he said what about this afternoon or tonight. After some slight hesitation I agreed to meet that afternoon – in an hour and a half. As a result it was a jeans and top combo. We met in a coffee shop and after the awkward moment of me wanting a herbal tea and him meeting someone he hadn’t seen for ages we started chatting … or should I say he started chatting. He was a lovely guy, don’t get me wrong, but he was one of this that just talked, without really taking a break to ask any questions and then when he did, didn’t really engage with anything I said. I know I’m not great with monologues when dating and I do really like a chatty guy, but this was slightly extreme. He also ended the date saying that him talking a lot wasn’t nerves- no chance of it decreasing then!

We did cover a range of topics, mainly his of course, his ex- who still has some of her stuff at ‘their’ apartment, his job, wanting kids, his childhood (and why he’s not particularly keen to have kids!), and a lot about him travelling – he’s one of those who has to do a new country every year. 

Whilst I’d be happy to socialise with the guy, I don’t think he’s really for me. He departed with the comment ‘I’m sure we’ll speak soon’ which made me think he was interested but he hasn’t text me and I’m not in a hurry to text him. He was definitely playing the dating game telling me about all the dates he has lined up or been on which to me is a subject you don’t talk about if you’re romantically interested in your date, but interesting to see how others go about dating. 

So onwards and upwards. Nothing in the pipeline at the moment but sent a few messages to guys who meet the minimum spec today, so we’ll see if anything comes from that. 

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