One I actually liked

Now over the last couple of years there’s been very few guys I want to go on a second date with. Apparently I’m too fussy, but I guess I just don’t click with that many people.

So this was another online date. One that wierdly looked very much like an ex house mate. He lives about 30 mins away from me so I offered to go to him for the date. Something he later said he appreciated. But also something I later regretted.

He suggested we meet up on Saturday night (I was surprised he’d be free on a Saturday night, but there you go). I figured I could drive to the train station, get the direct train and then a taxi at the other end. Outfit was sorted, just used the reserve outfit from the first date of the year- although not sure whether he was going to deserve it! Only problem was that the last train home was at 10:30pm. That only left 3hrs for the date or a steep £40 taxi home.

Well I got there early as the trains were only hourly, felt quite over dressed for what was a gastro pub. Spotted him through the window before he came in so had some warning which was good and when he opened his mouth was pleasantly surprised how well spoken he was.

Having got there early I’d fancied a glass of rose. Now having got quite tipsy on a date at the back end of last year I told myself I wouldn’t drink a glass of wine to every guy’s pint, but unfortunately it’d been long enough for me to forget.

I enjoyed his company. He talked a lot about his travels for the first half hour. I told him I hadn’t done my Parkrun that morning- just because I couldn’t be bothered and he reacted like someone had died but he was trying to hide it. Apart from that it went well. He seemed a very thoughtful caring guy. I did order a taxi in time to get my train but missed the taxi. We ended up going to another bar and there was definitely chemistry.

So he then said he’d call me Sunday night. It was late Sunday, I was very hungover so text to see how he was. He responded about an hour later- guess he was busy.

So I don’t hear anything more then On the Monday evening a message which seemed to be a send to all saying his battery had died and had no numbers (wasn’t sure how he then had mine- and there was a record of it on the dating site).

There were a few pleasantries exchanged and then I thought I might as well ask if he wanted a second date, completely expecting the answer to be no. That was Monday.

Wednesday evening, just as I was going out I receive a message saying yes, that sounds good. So my hopes are all up again.  I don’t reply straight away- he doesn’t, and he knows I’m out so respond the following lunch time giving a few options. Then…no reply! Guess it wasn’t meant to be, but why say yes when you really mean no! Men are so frustrating!


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