Just a night out- with an ex

I’ve been meeting up for social events with an online group over the last year and been to half a dozen events. I was booked onto going out for a meal on a Tuesday night at a restaurant that had a 50% off deal.

Its gets to the early afternoon and I check to see who’s going. I think I was one of the first to book on as it was the day after pay day and I’d not looked since. Well I got the shock of my life to find that out of the six places one was Sheffield guy I’d been on about five dates with.

Sheffield guy- a lovely guy, very warm personality but not flirtatious in any way. He kept asking for another date, I kept saying yes, but not once did he make a move on me! I think he was more flirtatious with my dog I had at the time than me- but then she was a gorgeous dog!

Well out of all the ex dates it could have been, he definitely wasn’t the worst. Although it was still slightly weird! A little concerned he’s wanting to move to Leeds and now booking on loads of events I want to go to and taking up a place of that obviously amazingly fit guy who’s the man of my dreams and just dying to meet me!


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