Another accountant who’s ‘not boring’

I really should have learnt my lesson from the last date with a supposedly not boring accountant. But hey, that was the second date of the day and the amount of wine definitely got me through it!

So this one only had one picture. Yes, I know, always high risk. He looked as though he could be a big guy. But pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t. However it was definitely a better photo of him.

I’d arrived early. I’d been off work sick with a bug and was still recovering so I’m the lemonade. I’d just sat down with my drink when he walked in. He got himself a pint and sat down.

The conversation just didn’t flow right from the start. Luckily there was a cute puppy opposite me to entertain me. The conversation was so riveting he was telling me the ingredients of recipes and how he substitutes the recommended chocolate for a different type of chocolate. I was so bored. I’d finished my lemonade and was planning my escape plan but he still had half a pint left so when he offered me another drink I accepted (why am I so nice).

I think the icing on the cake came when he said I was too old to listen to Radio 1. Shortly after that I said I needed to get off. He never got back in contact. Might have been the fact I said I’d eat rabbit but not dog or horse because rabbits don’t have personalities and are small enough to tread on- lol. Another lucky escape!

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