A Shim Sham experience

Having had quite a lazy weekend I decided to google things to do in the city on a random Sunday in January. I ended up at a Shim Sham class a 2 hour class to learn the jazz dance. There were about 25 people of which surprisingly (to me anyway) about 10 were guys. We had great fun with the brilliant male instructor who kept us entertained. I enjoyed the chilled out style of dance. They have a free social dance on a Sunday in the early evening so something I might try at some point.

On the daying front I joined an online Facebook group for singles- I was a member for all of an hour before realising my future partner was not going to come from that site. I messaged a guy who asked how old I was and he was coincidently a couple of years older then tried to charm me with text speak. He was blocked soon after and I left the group.

I was chatting to another guy online, seemingly normal, reasonably good looking, but unfortunately a smoker. He’s sent me a few messages since so maybe he’s hoping I can get over the smoking thing although I said I could never kiss a smoker and he replied he couldn’t do the rest of his life without kissing!


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