First date of 2017

Like the usual dates this one began online. However he was very quick to want to take me to dinner. So just to make sure he wasn’t completely dodgy I started googling …to find an article on BBC news to imply that he was a very well off gentleman. Our original plan was to go for dinner on 2nd January but unfortunately he got his flight times wrong so it ended up not being until the Wednesday night 4th Jan.

I must admit there was a lot of googling. Down to the point that when he rang me and said what did you expect me to sound like I lied and said I don’t know when actually I’d already listened to his voice on a radio interview (people shouldn’t put such google friendly images on their profile if they don’t want to be stalked!).

Well he was taking me to a lovely top notch restaurant, so what’s a girl to do, but book in with a personal shopper to get that ‘flatters everything’ outfit. Ended up with 2 lovely black dresses and ended up going with the high cut slightly shorter one as didn’t want to display too much of the bad boys on a first date.

The date itself was lovely, he text me before asking if I liked white wine and had a glass waiting for me. The food was exquisite. The dessert wine was amazing, even made blue cheese taste good and I’m not usually a fan. The company was lovely although I knew when he started repeatedly asking about my list of what I want it wasn’t heading in a particularly romantic direction. I found it quite amusing that he thought one of the strangest things was not to date a Gemini (to many are coincidently exes).

Anyway my mixing with the millionaires wasn’t meant to be. Don’t think I’m the kind of person who just hires a helicopter if there’s not enough snow when skiing, or needs a ride on mower for someone else to cut my lawn. I’d enjoy the lifestyle but guess it’s not for me.

However, caught up in the lifestyle I did ask if he wanted to see me again. He said he’d be in contact if he’s in the area…but I’m not going to hold my breath!

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